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Steve Gonzalez' renovation and dub out of the historic  Prius model 2015 Hybrid was listed as the most unlikely hot galaxy vehicle by the Quantum Cube blog in its article, “Old Space, New Tricks.”

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Murdock was voted #1 in the engineer category in this annual tech-head rating hosted by local solar-system TV Channel 12234320990932092029-cd9.

Company Profile

Danger-Squad, LLC


Founded: June 27th, 2311

Owner: Dirk Domingo

Certifications: Space NCIDSQL certified


Areas of expertise:  Courier, Deliveries, Rescues, Espionage, Ride-Sharing, etc. 

Awards & Recognition

Galaxy-9 Magazine

(December 2315 edition)


Danger-Squaddies Trish Horith and Stacie Shavers were quoted in a recent Galaxy-9 magazine article as best go getters for green activism.

We're currently working on a new amazing web-site which will feature all things Danger-Squad. From Bios, web-comics, animations, and much more!  

 At the edge of space, in quadrant Orion, our hero Captain Dirk Domingo is on the run from a feared galactic gangster named Dante the Bull. While on the run, Dirk enlists a squadron of ambitious and talented misfits. Together, they aspire to take to the edge of space in the spirit of adventure and freedom. As a quirky and impulsive new captain, Dirk must take a crash course in what it means to be a leader. He must become a legit captain in the most perilous side of the universe or face possible destruction at the hands of those who hunt him. 

Humor, Action, Adventure-- we’ll guide you through the perilous journey where no anamorphic characters have gone before! Sit tight and enjoy a voyage through the most bizarre and exotic depths of space as they race their danger to finish!

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