Is Back!

5 May 2313

Missing Agent of Dante the Bull. Search is on...

25 September 2313


celebrates 5 weeks in business! Talk of town!


01 January 2313

Murdock tapped for theatre renovation

What Clients Say About Us

“Dirk absolutely nailed it! I told him what I wanted, told him how much I had to spend and he came back with a stunning proposal. I won’t go anywhere else. And I'm not just saying that because I can't afford anything else!


Harvey Hillton,

A Bum in an Old Town

“I’ve worked with Risk-Riders before and always felt a bit horrified. With Dirk, I was traumatized! The places we went were scary, the destinations uninhabitable. The furniture was difficult to look at. I vomited a lot on this trip! That's okay because I live for adventure! All-in-all, I felt PTSD

being with these guys and I could not be happier!”


Jill Smiwick,

Owner of Masochist Magic

  • Project planning
  • Smuggling material listing
  • Furniture & lighting options
  • Transport documents
  • Past Clients

All Aboard! 

Choosing a pilot to transport you or your valuable items can be scary, we know. Relax dude. Captain Dirk has the experience, connections and style to bring you to safety or back to life (mostly). One thing that is guaranteed is that you'll be on schedule and on budget. 

We at Danger-Squad are a collection of the most diverse top notch experts this or any part of the galaxy. We dare anyone to match our gusto! We risk it all for your satisfaction! - Dirk Domingo


Danger-Squad hires professionals who share a passion for the riskiest missions. You can rest assured your items are safe. Our squad will oversee the mission from initial consultation to final drop off. We don’t rest until you’re delighted.

Our Team